Take Back Control Of Your Privacy

Stop allowing businesses to take advantage of you by selling your personal and personally identifiable information! In most circumstances, you have the right to take action and protect your privacy.

Your Private Data Could Be Compromised

It's time to take a proactive approach to your privacy. Every single day, businesses legally gain access to your personal information by tracking where you spend your time, what you're searching for online, and what you've purchased-perhaps without your knowledge. Often these companies sell your data to advertisers, which puts your identity on display.

Alerts.com is passionate about educating our customers and providing the tools necessary to help you keep track of who has your data, know what they're doing with it, and provides an easy way to remove your name from a database if you don't want a business to have access to your personal information. Alerts.com serves as your first line of defense to protect your privacy. Although we don't know every time a consumer's name is sold, we do monitor tens of millions of consumer transactions per month.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Rated 4.8 out 5 stars by our customers

When a business gets access to my personal information, the option to be notified is invaluable and so simple!

Don Harger

I've been waiting a long time for a service that easily allows me to request my information to be removed from a business list.

Ryan Kluck

Alerts.com has opened my eyes to the importance of protecting my privacy.

Rick Giddings

This service is going to be a game-changer in making sure I have control of my own privacy. Thanks, Alerts.com, for having my back!

Ann Tolman

We're Here For You

Your Rights Are Protected

Don't allow a company to bully you into keeping your name on their list. You have the right to request removal, protecting your private information in the process.

Take Back Control

It's your right and responsibility to monitor who accesses your personal information. We've made it easy-with Alerts.com. For companies we track, you'll be notified whenever they get access to your personal information so you can take immediate action and protect your identity.

Bank-Level Security

Alerts.com uses encryption to protect your data's transmission and all of the information that you access. We never sell, rent, or trade your data for any purpose whatsoever. If we contact you directly, it's only in connection to your notification service or in response to a request you have made.