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How does it work? provides a cost effective, easy-to-implement solution for List Owners and Mailers subject to the CCPA, providing comprehensive data access and disclosure compliance. The site offers central repository for List Owners and Mailers to maintain CCPA-related data points and transactions, relieving them of the burden of managing compliance in-house.

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If my company just serves as a data processing company for mailers that market into California, am I required to be compliant?

Consult with an attorney regarding your specific situation. There are some instances in which a services provider who doesn’t store or maintain consumer data will not be required to comply.

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How does your service ensure compliance?

Broadly speaking, under the CCPA List Owners & Mailers are required to: · Inform California consumers of their rights under CCPA · Disclose which categories and specific pieces of information are being collected · Detail how that information is being used, including to whom it is shared or sold · Provide access to personal information via a verified request mechanism · Honor opt-out and deletion requests

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If the company we buy data from is CCPA compliant do we need to be?

Yes. If you are a covered company under CCPA, you are required to become CCPA compliant.

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Does GDPR compliance cover CCPA compliance?

No. While some components are similar, CCPA requires specific compliance standards which are not part of GDPR.

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Do I need to comply with CCPA?

The CCPA applies to any for-profit business that collects consumers' personal data, that does business in California, and satisfies at least one of the following thresholds:

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