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Conquest Auto Data

"Data Was Collected From" question

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Exceptions to Consumers' Delete Requests Under CCPA

When "Delete" doesn't mean "Delete."

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Exceptions to CCPA

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

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Do I need to report everything in my database? Are there exceptions?

No you do not. You don’t need to report “information about information.” That is to say, if you report the consumer’s address, and have a separate field reporting “SCF” (first 3-digits of the zip code), it is not necessary to report that separately.

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Is it breaking compliance rules by sharing private customer data with for the purpose of privacy compliance?

There is nothing illegal about “sharing” data. We are acting on your behalf, so disclosure is not required, as it would be if it were being offered for sale. Having said that, companies that are concerned, out of an abundance of caution, may wish to add a line to its privacy policy disclosing that “client data may be share with 3rd party vendors for the purpose of privacy compliance”.

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Do I have to upload all information I have on contacts or only certain headers?

We recommend that you upload all information. Consult with a privacy attorney before doing otherwise. The platform allows you to mask all sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (i.e. -Social Security Number becomes ***-**-***2 and discards the original data provided to ensure sensitive information isn’t compromised.

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