Jan 29th 2020

How does your service ensure compliance?

Broadly speaking, under the CCPA List Owners & Mailers are required to:

·       Inform California consumers of their rights under CCPA

·       Disclose which categories and specific pieces of information are being collected

·       Detail how that information is being used, including to whom it is shared or sold

·       Provide access to personal information via a verified request mechanism

·       Honor opt-out and deletion requests


myDataPrivacy.com/Alerts.com covers each of these compliance items and more.  Notification, access, disclosure, reporting, opt-out and deletion requests are all handled within the platform. It provides consumers with an easy-access, verified request portal to access their personal information. It offers online reporting to satisfy disclosure requirements along with opt-out and deletion request options.


Ours is the only turnkey, fully automated consumer-facing CCPA solution for SMBs and Data Compilers/Brokers, Agencies & Marketing Services companies who maintain databases and/or rent prospect data.